2018 Summer School Courses

SUMMER SCHOOL REGISTRATION  is still on-going for one-on-one instruction and 2nd semester! Please come in to sign up. 

(818) 790-3044

Listed below are the 2018 summer courses we offer.

How Online Classes Work

The Hillside School’s online classes are a hybrid format of both in-class and online instruction. All online classes are 6 weeks in length, (June 4th through July 13th) regardless of the day of the week the in class meeting is scheduled. Students enrolled in an online class must attend the first mandatory meeting on June 4th, 2018. If the student cannot make the meeting, someone in place of the student can attend to receive all pertinent information to begin the online class and to convey this information to the enrolled student. The only requirements of online classes are to have access to the internet and an email account. Each class utilizes a web-based program for the course in which most of the material is accessed. In-class meetings are essential to the success of the course and students may not miss more than one in-class meeting or the student will be dropped from the class. In-class meetings are used for instruction, questions, clarifications, projects, labs, quizzes, tests and final exams. The online portion of the class is utilized for assignments and tasks as well as any of the previously mentioned items in the in-class meetings. Final exams may be a given as a combination of online and in-class.

Please call 818-790-3044 for any questions regarding our summer school.

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumberTime
Algebra 2, M-FAlgebra 2Ellingsworth510:30am-12:30pm
Chemistry, M-F Chemistry Sekeyan710:30am-12:30pm
French 1, 2 M-ThFrench 1, 2Gardener34:00-6:30pm
Geometry, M-FGeometryEllingsworth58:00-10:00am
Gov/Econ, M-FGovernment/EconomicsCortez38:00-10:00am
Online Biology, TOnline BiologyCarroll74:00-6:00pm
Online Chemistry, TOnline Chemistry C.Carroll76:00-8:00pm
Online English 1, ThOnline English 1St. Pierre41:00-3:00pm
Online English 2, ThOnline English 2St. Pierre41:00-3:00pm
Online English 3, ThOnline English 3St. Pierre41:00-3:00pm
Online English 4, ThOnline English 4St. Pierre41:00-3:00pm
Online Gov/Econ, MOnline Government/EconomicsCortez31:00-3:00pm
Online World History, WOnline World HistoryCarroll41:00 3:00pm
Physics, M-F PhysicsSekeyan78:00-10:00am
Physics, M-Th PhysicsSekeyan71:00-3:30pm
Spanish 2, M-FSpanish 2Schaeffer510:30am - 12:30pm
Spanish 3, M-FSpanish 3Schaeffer58:00-10:00am
Spanish 3, M-F Spanish 3 Currey110:30am-12:30pm
Spanish 3, M-Th Spanish 3 Currey11:00-3:30pm
Spanish 4, M-ThSpanish 4Currey14:00-6:30pm
US History, M-FUS HistoryZargaryan38:00-10:00am
World History, M-FWorld HistoryCarroll410:30am-12:30pm