All programs at The Hillside School and Learning Center are developed to help all struggling students with or without ADD or a learning disability manage the educational maze and move onto higher learning if appropriate for the individual. Whether the focus is on an individual class, a school system, or advancing in areas of interest, we are committed to finding what best fits each student and producing results.


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Day School

Our day school serves students in grades 7-12, offering a unique learning environment. Small class size and dedicated teachers combine to individualize and maximize each student’s opportunities for success. We are fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, our courses are University of California and NCAA approved. This qualifies our students for admission to colleges and universities nationwide.

  • School of Performing Arts:
    • The Hillside School has a vibrant Performing and Visual Arts program. Through the use of community theaters and other gathering spots the drama classes and Drama Society produce some incredible shows open to the Hillside community.
    • The Visual Arts program not only helps students develop their technique through traditional methods but also through the use of digital and photographic mediums. Students will find their art work scattered around the school and community.
  • School of Math and Science:
    • Math classes are taught by expert teachers in low student to teacher ratios to maximize student results. In addition, math application is applied through real world examples.
    • Science students have access to wet labs and video demonstrations during their courses. Field trips and in field experiences are added as appropriate to the unit of study.
  • School of Social Sciences:
    • History, Psychology, Government, Economics, Geography, and Sociology make up the social sciences taught by energetic teachers. Peppered and interspersed with guest speakers and field trips, students begin to make connections between the past and present.  Students have the opportunity to share current events and develop projects to help solve real life problems.
  • School of Foreign and English Language Arts:
    • School of Foreign Language at Hillside includes Spanish and French taught by two excellent teachers. Each teacher uses English to explain concepts and language structure while the rest is accomplished in the native language. Use of a wide range of resources and in-class curriculum combine to optimize learning.
    • English classes focus on reading and writing. Literature is determined by grade level in coordination with other grade level courses the student is taking.  Teachers help students develop a writing style that will be acceptable in college and in the workplace.

Dual Enrollment

For some students there may be a subject or two that really gives them trouble. Taking a few classes at The Hillside School can ease the stress of a hard to follow class at another high school.

  • Part Time Day: This program is perfect for the student who has a spot in their school day schedule to take a class that is difficult for them in a large environment. Most students in this program are able to take the class and return to their normal high school to participate in all of their home school activities. Small class size and excellent teachers make this an ideal option.
  • Night School & Early Morning Class: Another option when trying to take another class, other than during the day is taking classes before or after school.  Classes are offered early morning and after normal school hours. Classes meet twice per week for two hours for after school classes and four times a week for an hour for the morning class.  This is recommended for more disciplined students and are often expected to work independently.
  • Winter Session: For students who wants to get ahead and take a course or fell behind in the first semester, Winter Session is an excellent option. For those who fell behind, this is a way of making up the first semester.
  • Winter Session is a six week long online hybrid class. Beginning the first week of Winter Break and continuing for the next five weeks. Students attend a class at the school one time per week and other work is done online.  The in school class session allows students to perform labs, take test, present projects, and clarify any questions.  It also acts as a preventive measure for students who could fall behind.
  • One-on-One Class: Some students work best with a student teacher ratio of 1:1. The best part of this set-up is the class meets whenever it is best for the student. Several core courses are offered that meet A-G requirements  for the student that benefits from a personally tailored class.

Summer School


Hillside Summer School now open. Email or call 818-790-3044 for questions.


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Summer School Registration forms

Accreditation information for WASC, UC & NCAA 

In response to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic and with a focus on the health and well-being of our students and community, Hillside’s 2020 Summer School will be online with virtual class sessions. The Hillside School has been offering and teaching UC approved online courses for five years and feel comfortable delivering quality instruction remotely. We are still accepting new enrollments for our summer school June 15 – July 24, 2020. Specific details about formats including student expectations and virtual meet times is provided in the schedule below.

View 2020 Online Summer School Schedule

Please email or call 818-790-3044 if you have questions regarding summer school.

Summer School Registration now open! Download forms and email to to register. Payments can be brought in to our office between 11am and 3pm, be mailed in or call in with credit card information. Please call 818-790-3044 for any questions.



Summer School at Hillside is an opportunity to complete a full year course in six weeks, with no compromise in what is learned. We achieve this with an innovative format that has proved both effective and popular. Instead of a four-to-six hour classroom day that taxes a student’s attention span and patience, Hillside Summer School students attend classes for two hours for a Monday – Friday class and two and a half hours for Monday – Thursday class and follow up outside with coursework, projects, and online activities. This educational innovation received special commendation from our accrediting agency, the Western Association of Colleges and Schools.

Hillside Summer School offers core academic subjects, providing a path for students who wish to open their school-year schedule to take a specialty class or pursue other activities. Summer school courses are also an option for repeating a class in order to solidify understanding or remain on track to graduate.

Classes are small (15 students is the class maximum for most) and interactive. There is close and constant communication between teachers, student, and parents. Hillside Summer School also offers a variety of online courses. These are hybrid courses where online learning is paired with traditional in-class time. Students come in once a week to take assessments, work on group assignments or projects, present information, clarity concepts and interact with faculty and other students.

Summer school involves a commitment by both students and parents. Because of the intensive nature of the summer school course, students must be willing to spend considerable out-of-class time on homework, projects and other coursework in order to succeed. For this reason families must not schedule an overlapping vacation or other activities that would result in even brief absences.

Other Programs

Tutoring/Educational Therapy
We offer specialized one-on-one after school assistance that is student as well as subject focused for all ages. Each student has different reasons for being challenged by a particular subject. Educational Therapy is a chance to learn skills, gain insight and improve subject knowledge by learning how one learns and how to use one’s academic strengths to overcome the academic weaknesses. Educational Therapy helps improve weaknesses while showing how to use one’s academic strengths.

Test Prep: Another specialty of The Hillside School is helping students learn how to take standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, or high school entrance exams such as the ISEE or HSPT.


Any absence exceeding three days for a full-year/10 unit class or 1.5 days for a 1 semester/5 unit class will result in partial credit for the course. (Gov and Econ are considered two separate classes each worth 1 semester/5 units. Therefore, a maximum of 1.5 days per class may be missed.
3 Tardies = 1 Absence
General Note: As part of our ongoing safety practices, we will continue to have visits from Interquest Detection Canines throughout the summer session.

The Hillside School offers full time, dual enrollment & night school options in several core subjects. All students benefit from our unique combination of small class size, commitment to individualized learning, knowledgeable faculty, advanced educational technology, and strong supportive services including counseling and educational therapy/tutoring. Call now to learn more about our programs. 818-790-3044