All programs at The Hillside School and Learning Center are developed to help struggling students with or without ADD/ADHD or a learning disability manage the educational maze and move onto higher learning. We are committed to finding what best fits each Hillside student and producing results. Our school serves grades 7-12 with both a middle and high school. We offer tutoring and educational therapy for all grades K-12 and post high school support.


Our day school serves students in grades 7-12, offering a unique learning environment. Small class size and dedicated teachers combine to individualize and maximize each student’s opportunities for success. We are fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, our courses are University of California and NCAA approved. This qualifies our students for admission to colleges and universities nationwide.


For some students there may be a subject or two that really gives them trouble. Taking a few classes at The Hillside School can ease the stress of a hard to follow class at another high school. This program is perfect for the student who has a spot in their school day schedule to take a class that is difficult for them in a large environment. Most students in this program are able to take the class and return to their normal high school to participate in all of their home school activities. Small class size and excellent teachers make this an ideal option.


Some students work best with a student teacher ratio of 1:1. The best part of this set-up is the class meets whenever it is best for the student. Several core courses are offered that meet A-G requirements for the student that benefits from a personally tailored class.


Similar to our popular 6 week summer school program, students can earn a full semester or full year’s worth of credit in several core subjects. Classes are online format with asynchronous & synchronous instruction. There is a 5 student minimum for classes to run. This is a great option if summer school is not convenient, want to get ahead or need to  make up credits. Tuition for winter session is the same as summer school, $875 per class.


2022 Summer School will have an in-person and online option.  Dates: June 13th – July 15th, 2022


Fill out Registration Form HERE, or the link under Resources Tab. Payments can be dropped off in locked box on north side of outside staircase of school, be mailed in or call in with credit card information.

Admission to Summer School is by application, and on a first come, first-served basis.


A 5 student minimum may be required for a class to run. 

In-person classes may change to be online classes due to unforeseen circumstances due to COVID-19.


Absence Policy:

Online classes – Only one virtual absence is allowed per semester.

In-Person classes – Maximum of 3 absences per course (1.5 if enrolled in only one semester). 3 tardies is equivalent to 1 absence.

  • Please note if any class is WAITLISTED, there is a possibility another session will open if there is a demand. So please complete the online registration form so we know. Thank you!

Hillside summer courses are UC approved and are fully accredited. We still recommend families check with their home high school before registering to ensure the school will accept the credits.

Junior High Summer Program 2022:

Reach for Success - Junior High Hillside Summer Program 2022

Three week session  June 27- July 15, Monday - Friday (8:30 - 11:30am)

Build & Maintain Skills in: Reading, Writing, Math & Study Skills

Students will expand their skills in the most important academic areas with games & activities built into their day to make learning engaging!

Tuition: $725 (includes student novel and other resources)

Email schwartz@hillsidelc.org or call 818-790-3044 for questions

Our certified Educational Therapist, Angela Hoenshell, uses a variety of teaching modalities including the Orton-Gillingham approach to help students improve reading, grammar, writing, math and study skills in a small group setting with individual focus. Orton-Gillingham, a program endorsed by the International Dyslexia Association, uses multisensory approaches that improve comprehension and memory in all learners. Students will learn to improve sentences, paragraphs, and essays in writing. Study skills instruction is embedded and will focus on time management, organization, vocabulary development, text annotation and citation. Additionally, they will develop conceptual understanding and an appropriate level of repetition to reinforce math topics.

All activities build skills, which in turn helps students build self-esteem as they experience success each day.


Summer School at Hillside is an opportunity to complete a full year course in six weeks, with no compromise in what is learned. We achieve this with an innovative format that has proved both effective and popular.

Hillside Summer School offers core academic subjects, providing a path for students who wish to open their school-year schedule to take a specialty class or pursue other activities. Summer school courses are also an option for repeating a class in order to solidify understanding or remain on track to graduate.

Classes are small (15 students is the class maximum for most) and interactive. There is close and constant communication between teachers, student, and parents. Hillside Summer School also offers a variety of online courses. 

Summer school involves a commitment by both students and parents. Because of the intensive nature of the summer school course, students must be willing to spend considerable out-of-class time on homework, projects and other coursework in order to succeed. For this reason families must not schedule an overlapping vacation or other activities that would result in excessive absences.


Tutoring/Educational Therapy
We offer specialized one-on-one after school assistance that is student as well as subject focused for all ages. Each student has different reasons for being challenged by a particular subject. Educational Therapy is a chance to learn skills, gain insight and improve subject knowledge by learning how one learns and how to use one’s academic strengths to overcome the academic weaknesses. Educational Therapy helps improve weaknesses while showing how to use one’s academic strengths.

Test Prep: Another specialty of The Hillside School is helping students learn how to take standardized tests such as high school entrance exams such as the ISEE or HSPT.