About Hillside School

About Hillside School

The Hillside School and Learning Center is a fully-accredited private school that serves grades 6-12, with both a middle and high school. We provide each student with a personalized education through a variety of programs, from full-time day school to dual enrollment to one-on-one classes. We accept enrollments throughout the year with approval.

History of Hillside

The Hillside School has always been dedicated to helping students succeed in their own way. When Robert E. Dannenhold established Hillside in 1971, he created a unique educational option for children with learning disabilities. Since then, Hillside has evolved to provide a wide range of academics-focused programs for all kinds of students.

Our Mission & Competency Goals

The mission of The Hillside School and Learning Center is to provide a safe and supportive environment in which students are guided by the committed faculty and staff to obtain the academic knowledge, life skills, and self-confidence to pursue a college education, vocational education or meaningful employment in order to be productive and successful citizens.

The student competency goals are listed below:


who are able to utilize acquired knowledge so they can make inferences and draw conclusions from various sources: analyze, interpret, evaluate, collaborate, and predict outcomes based on their continuing education to complete a common goal.


who are able to understand, define, and convey their beliefs and ideas, those of their immediate and extended community, and who possess the ability to adapt to and connect with their audiences through a variety of mediums.


who have gained the skills, awareness, and confidence needed to access necessary resources while pursuing various college opportunities, technical schools, and/or careers.


who participate in co-curricular activities, student government, and community service; assuming leadership roles when appropriate, and demonstrating ethical, honest, compassionate, and respectful behavior toward others regardless of individual differences.